Sylvia  Riquezes
She lives and works in the United States. She studied Painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston and the Art Student League of New York. She has made workshops with famous artists such as Asdrúbal Colmenárez (Paris, France) and Samuel Baroni (Caracas, Venezuela).

She has exhibited at The Coral Springs Museum of Art and at The Boca Raton Museum; and at JAM at MAM at The Miami Art Museum. She Has participated in International Art Fairs, such as The Affordable Art Fair, in New York, at The Toronto Art Fair, in Canada, Feria Internacional del Arte (FIA) in Caracas, in Le Salon de Mai and Le Salon de Grands et Jeunes d’aujord’ hui in Paris, Salon Aragua, in Venezuela, Art Miami 2003 and 2004 editions and Merrill Lycnh ARTE AMERICAS 2003 and 2004 editions in Florida.

Her works are represented in Museum of Contemporary Art, “Sofia Imber” (Caracas), Fiscalia General de la República (Caracas), Universidad Metropolitana (Caracas), Venezuelan Embassy (Washington) and J.F Kennedy Library (Florida).
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Sylvia Riquezes
Is a multimedia contemporary artist who works in sculpture, painting, photography, video, installations, performances and Urban Interventions.
"The Blob" Urban Intervention at Damien B. Cultural Center
"Return to Origins" (Photo Installation at
The Museum of Coral Springs)
At her Studio in Boca Raton
"The Blob" Urban Intervention at Damien B.
Cultural Center
Intervention at The Merril Lynch
Arte Americas Art Fair at the
Coconut Grove Convention Center.
Sylvia Riquezes at the Merrill Lynch Arteamericas recreated her need as an artist to make out of any place, a stage to dialogize with the public. To read and see the artwork click here.